Email Template Library

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Email Template Library

Kai Davis
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Do you, dear reader, need to consign yourself to a lifetime of:

  • Hard-to-write ‘awkward’ client emails? (that take so much time + energy to write and send)

  • Emails that keep the lights on past quitting time? (with you worrying about what to say and how best to say it)

  • Emails that keep you up late worrying about if you’ll get a reply? (and what to say if you do hear back)

I say no. Inside my Email Template Library, you’ll find:

  • Your Email Template Library (with 23 email templates). Get an actionable starting point (and ‘Kai Approved’ email templates) for those hard-to-write client situations.

  • Your copy of Writing Really Good Emails. You’ll learn how to write really good emails that people want to reply to (and you’ll get my tips on using email templates).

  • Your Really Good Emails Checklist. Your checklist covers the 10 most critical items to look for in your emails before you tap ‘send.’

You can get my complete Email Template Library for $95.

I want this!

With your purchase, you'll receive:

23-Email Templates
Writing Really Good Emails book
Really Good Email Checklist
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