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Shopify SEO Simplified

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Take your Shopify business's SEO to the next level with Shopify SEO Simplified.

What does it take to do SEO well for your Shopify business?

In this private podcast series, Kai Davis (founder/CEO of Double Your Ecommerce) and Eric Davis (founder/CEO of Little Stream Software and founder of JSON-LD for SEO) — no relation — go deep on what it takes to do Shopify SEO simplified.

After all, why does SEO need to be overly complex?

At the end of the day, all Search Engine Optimization is about is making sure your pages have content and titles that match what your customers are searching for in Google.

Inside, you'll receive:

  • 12 episodes of the Shopify SEO Simplified podcast (totaling ~3 hours of audio)

  • Transcripts for each of the 12 episodes

  • A resource guide, highlighting our 9 favorite SEO resources we talked about in this program

Wondering what topics are discussed? Here you go:

  • Episode 1: Introduction

  • Episode 2: Foundational SEO Concepts

  • Episode 3: Page content that your visitors see

  • Episode 4: Hidden SEO content

  • Episode 5: Internal links

  • Episode 6: Structured Data

  • Episode 7: Link Building

  • Episode 8: Shopify Apps

  • Episode 9: Non-app tools

  • Episode 10: Regular SEO hygiene

  • Episode 11: Hiring SEO out (and getting help with it)

  • Episode 12: Wrap Up

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Shopify SEO Simplified

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