Outreach Blueprint: How To Email Anyone And Get A Response

Kai Davis

You want to land a great guest article or appearance on a popular podcast, but you're not sure how to get started:

  • Will people be interested in what you have to say? 

  • How do you reach out to communities  who might be interested in working with you to publish your content? 

  • What happens if you get rejected (or don't hear back)? How often should you follow up? 

  • Who are you supposed to email? What are you supposed to  in your emails? 

You look around and see your friends, colleagues, and competitors appearing on podcasts and having a string of guest articles go live. You wonder "What are they doing that I'm not? How are they building these relationships?"

What are they doing? What are they saying? And what should  be doing to build these relationships? 

Imagine if building these relationships was as easy as following a simple system

Imagine if websites and podcasts were  to work with you and feature your content and insights...

Imagine if, week after week, high-quality guest posts and interviews of yours went live, exposing whole new audiences to your best content and products...

Imagine if every time a new guest article or interview went live, you'd get a pulse of high-quality, relevant traffic to your site, bringing new, qualified, ready-to-buy visitors to your doorstep...

Content promotion happens with

You'll start getting invited to contribute guest articles and interviews as soon as you start emailing the sites that you want to work with and building a relationship with them. 

When you understand the simple for Digital Outreach, it's that much easier for you to manage the outreach process for  business, building relationships with high-quality sites, working with them to earn placements and interviews for your content, and exposing new audiences to your great product. 

In this package , you'll learn the framework behind a successful outreach campaign.

You'll learn how to craft a message for your outreach that clearly communicates the benefits of your expertise and your product to the communities that you're trying to reach. 

And you'll learn from the best practice email outreach templates that I've personally tested and refined.

What do people say about the

Whenever I find a good resource on cold email I buy it because at most price points, even one good tip will make the course more than pay for itself.
The course gave me a lot more confidence going forward that I could make outreach work for my business. 
While the guide was great, I already understand the theory behind effective outreach, so I was most interested in the templates to help give me some ideas about different approaches I could use in my own outreach emails.
The Outreach Blueprint gave me concise, actionable advice; a clear plan to execute on; and helpful processes to follow (even if your goals aren't links or PR). 
At this price I would recommend the Outreach Blueprint for anybody interested in improving their cold email strategy. If any of the templates are able to improve your conversions a couple percent it will more than pay for itself.

— Andy Baldacci

What's included in the Outreach Blueprint?

Digital PR / Outreach Blueprint — A strategic plan, customizable for your business, to help you build relationships through Digital Outreach, covering everything from identifying dream influencers to writing emails that get responses.

Email Outreach Templates — My personal swipe file of emails that get responses, based on 12+ months of research and testing.

• Exercise: Your Unique Story — An exercise guide that allows you to identify your business's unique story, aiding you in connecting with influencers and standing out as you build relationships. 

• 60-Minute Video Q&A on Digital Outreach — Covering best practices for Digital Outreach to build relationships with influencers and find new audiences to expose to your best products and content. (60 minutes, HIGHLY actionable)

• 90-Minute Video on "A Freelancer's Guide to Outreach" — Covering how freelancers and consultants can use outreach best practices to start and manage their relationships with clients. (90 minutes, information packed!)

• Expert Interview on Outreach Strategies — In this 30-minute video interview, Jake Jorgovan  and I discuss effective outreach strategies for you to use in your outreach campaign. 

• Expert Interview on Writing an Effective Email — In this 40-minute video interview, Robert Williams  and I discuss how to write an effective email, drawing on Robert's years of experience 

• Expert Interview on Follow Up — In this 30-minute video interview, Steli Efti  and I discuss effective follow up systems and strategies and how to persistently, politely follow up with a prospect

Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

When you buy the Outreach Blueprint, you're protected by my risk-free money back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with the product, just hit 'reply' to your purchase receipt and let me know. I'll refund you 100% of your money. . 

This product is not currently for sale.

Outreach Blueprint: How To Email Anyone And Get A Response